Sunday, August 26, 2007

pictures of the westward wedding blitz

Wedding #1. This is me, eager to greet the newly married couple...they just weren't as eager to greet me, I guess :) (I'm kidding, Jeff and Angie!)

Bradley, Alyssa, and me. Checking to see if they're smiling and looking at the camera.

Wedding #2: Kelly! (She married Joel.)

Me and my sister scootering around town. It was AWESOME.

At a rest area...road trips with Jonathan and Ann rock!

Laura's bachelorette party...yup, complete with a Pasma! It just didn't seem right for him NOT to be there, as a former roommate and all. (Don't worry, it was all very innocent...while Pas was there.)

ARGHURHURGGG. Beth, waiting with charming elevator music, for the people to tell her what was wrong with her and Kara's flight.

Yes, this is a different hour later... (after 2 hours, she finally talked to a real person, who promptly told her they couldn't help her and she had to call another company.)

Lovely bride and groom #3!

Crazy former roommates...wonder why we're all single? :)

Saturday, August 11, 2007

the facebook time warp

I have just been eaten alive by facebook. In the process of trying to do a final edit and perfect the bibliography on my papers, I was distracted by the facebook madness. Ughhg. I have no willpower. I gave in the the "join facebook!" peer pressure last week, and now it's taking up far too much time.

In other news, I am halfway through my "go west, young woman" western wedding blitz. Congratulations to Jeff and Angie (Grand Rapids) and Kelly and Joel (South Holland, IL) on their recent marriages! And Laura and Jeremy (Minneapolis), the craziness of wedding stress will soon be a thing of the past...

I loved every moment of my week with my brother's family. Well, maybe not the moment when I was sliding down huge inflatable slides with Bradley (4 and a half) and got serious "rug" burns on my elbows and wrists. But seeing him come down screaming with joy was pretty hilarious.

While trying to get from Union to Millennium Park in Chicago, I discovered that the Chicago Transit system is not visitor-friendly. No signs (where's the Metra??). Not on time. Snippy drivers. That's all I have to say about that.

Friday, August 03, 2007

up up and away

Leaving early tomorrow morning to start the 16 day journey of wedding hopping.

Very tired because of last night.

Will see many of you soon.

Hopefully I'll be back to speaking in full sentences by then.

college days

Did I really just do this?

I'm about to go to bed. I've been up until now (it's almost 4am) finishing a paper. It's not even due tomorrow. But I wanted it to be done before I leave for two weeks of travelling west for weddings on Saturday (Grand Rapids, South Holland (IL), and Minneapolis). So I told myself it was going to be done before I went to bed tonight.

And here I am.

I didn't even know I could stay up this late anymore.