Tuesday, May 27, 2008

news from the front

I'm deferring law school. For at least a year. Maybe forever. Lots of reasons for this change. Too many to list here! Ask me if you're interested.

Instead...I'm working part-time at the U of T campus ministry again next year!! I'm thrilled about this. I feel alive there. I know I can serve there.

Here are some wise words from Parker Palmer that I've been contemplating recently...

Our deepest calling is to grow into our own authentic selfhood, whether or not it conforms to some image of who we ought to be. As we do so, we will not only find the joy that every human being seeks--we will also find our path of authentic service in the world. True vocation joins self and service, as Frederick Buechner asserts when he defines vocation as "the place where your deep gladness meets the world's deep need."

Buechner's definition starts with the self and moves toward the needs of the world: it begins, wisely, where vocation begins -- not in what the world needs (which is everything), but in the nature of the human self, in what brings the self joy, the deep joy of knowing that we are here on earth to be the gifts that God created.

Contrary to the conventions of our thinly moralistic culture, this emphasis on gladness and selfhood is not selfish. The Quaker teacher Douglas Steere was fond of saying that the ancient human question "Who am I?" leads inevitably to the equally important question, "Whose am I?" -- for there is no selfhood outside relationship. We must ask the question of selfhood and answer it as honestly as we can, no matter where it takes us. Only as we do so can we discover the community of our lives.

As I learn more about the seed of true self that was planted when I was born, I also learn more about the ecosystem in which I was planted -- the network of communal relations in which I am called to live responsively, accountably, and joyfully with beings of every sort. Only when I know both seed and system, self and community, can I embody the great commandment to love both my neighbour and myself."


At Wednesday, June 04, 2008 11:57:00 PM, Blogger dena said...

I saw some pictures of a certain ring - CONGRATULATIONS!!!

At Saturday, June 21, 2008 9:54:00 AM, Blogger Laurel said...

Sara, it was so wonderful to talk with you the other day :) i hope we can chat again soon. and perhaps i'll be seeing you in the near future!


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